5 tips to improve your mental well-being whilst working from home

We are currently living in strange times because of the COVID-19 crisis, and being told to work from home and stay in isolation can be tough, especially where your mental health and well-being is concerned.

So how do you keep a postive mental well-being whilst working from home?

Here are 5 steps that should help you during isolation:

  1. Set working hours

Setting certain working hours can be a challenge when working from home, but it’s important to make sure you have time to relax to improve your mental health and well-being.

If your usual working hours are 9am until 5pm, stick to those hours at home too. This will uphold some structure in your life and allow you to unwind and relax as you would on a normal working day. This will improve your mental well-being as you are making sure your mind has time to relax, stop stressing, and have fun.

I know you’ll be desperate to answer an email or two, but avoid it. If you wouldn’t do it on a normal day’s work, don’t do it whilst working at home.

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  1. Exercise

Now that you’ve set your ‘working from home’ hours, use your relaxing periods to do at least 15 to 30 minutes of cardio exercise a day to clear your mind and improve both your mental and physical well-being. Doing exercise improves your mental well-being because exercising releases chemicals like endorphins and serotonin in the brain which improve your mood and decreases your stress levels.

I know gyms are currently closed and going outside is frowned upon, but exercise is an important part of improving your mental health and well-being.

There are thousands of home exercise routinues on Youtube you can watch or mobile apps you can download to help with this. So make sure to keep fit and improve mental well-being whilst working from home.

  1. Avoid ALWAYS thinking of work

Working from home can keep you thinking and stressing about your job 24/7. During your relaxing periods, try your best not to think about your work. This applies to everyday life as well. Constantly stressing about your job can decrease your mental health and well-being as your brain doesn’t have time to relax and enjoy itself.

So, do fun things. Watch movies, bake cookies, exercise, call up your friends, play games, read a book; do whatever it is that makes you happy, and this will definitely improve your mental well-being whilst working from home.

  1. Be social

Now that we’re stuck indoors all day and working from home, we are no longer being as socialable as usual which can decrease our mental health and well-being.

Humans are social animals, and we rely on talking to others for basic survival, to avoid loneliness and keep a positive mental well-being.

Being in isolation and working from home means we no longer have our colleagues to talk (or rant) to, which can be hard and increase stress levels. So encourage video call meetings or make a group chat with your colleagues to keep up to date and share concerns with your work friends.

It’s important to make sure to call up your family and friends as often as you can too, even better, video call them, as seeing your loved ones will make you happy and so increase your mental well-being.

It’s easy to feel alone when working from home, especially if you live alone, but remember we’re all in this together, so to improve your mental well-being make sure to socialise as much possible, even if you can’t see your family and friends in person.

  1. Don’t believe everything you read

Now that you’re able to check your phone more often whilst working from home, you’ll find yourself checking the news and scrolling through social media more than usual. This leads to reading all the daily implications of COVID-19, which will set you into a constant state of worry and stress which will decrease your mental health and well-being.

Not everything you read on social media is correct, and fear mongering is a real issue in situations like these. If it hasn’t come from a reliable news source or announcement, it’s probably not true. Worrying about something you can’t control leads to the impossibility of keeping a clear head. So, ignore fake news and avoid constant use of social media, especially during you set working from home hours, to stay focused and improve your mental health and well-being.

We are in worrying times, and it’s hard not to fear about ourselves and our loved ones’ health, but making sure to keep a positive well-being is crucial to live a healthy and happy life even during isolation. Working from home can be tough if you’re not use to it, but keeping to these 5 tips will ensure you keep safe and have a great mental health and well-being.


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