5 tips to tackle loneliness during isolation

Now that the whole world is currently battling the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re understandably being told to stay in isolation and work from home. This means that you may feel very lonely as you’re not partaking in any of your usual social activities.

Not being socialable with work colleagues, friends, and family can allow loneliness to creep in, especially if you live alone.

So, how do you fight loneliness during isolation?

Use these 5 tips to stay social and pass the time to avoid potential loneliness whilst isolating:

1. Keep talking to family and friends who you don’t live with

During isolation you won’t be able to see all of your family and friends in person, which can be hard, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give them a ring or video call them often just to say hi or chat to them for hours.

Even though you’re not seeing people in person, talking on the phone to loved ones can keep you sociable during isolation and tackle potential loneliness.

2. If you live with others, do group activities together

During isolation it can be easy to all sit in different rooms and keep to yourselves. Although it is definitely good to have your own space and chill on your own every so often to avoid arguements, this may increase your chances of feeling lonely.

So set up group activities with your housemates or family members as often as possible. Whether it’s playing board games, baking cakes, playing on the xbox, doing a jigsaw; anything that keeps the whole household entertained for a few hours. This can help tackle loneliness during isolation as it keeps everyone social and having fun! It’s also a great time for some much needed bonding time with your family.

3. Working from home? Have virtual meetings

Now that you’re working from home during isolation, loneiliness can creep in as you’re used to talking face-to-face daily with your colleagues.

So, set up a work group chat or have regular video call meetings to keep everyone up to date and share any potential concerns. This will make sure you’re being as socialable as you would normally be, before isolation.

4. Learn to keep yourself entertained

Just because you’re being sociable, doesn’t mean you can’t still feel lonely. So, find ways to keep your mind busy and pass the time in an entertaining way, especially if you live alone.

Learning how to keep yourself happy and busy can avoid boredom during isolation and stop you thinking about feeling lonely.

So, find a new Netflix series to watch, read a book, play video games, or even clean your home. Need a good sort out of your wardrobe? Do that. Being productive can keep you busy and tackle the feeling of loneliness during isolation.

5. Make new friends or reach out to old ones

There’s a whole world out there and social media can keep everyone connected with the people around you. But what about making new friends or reaching out to some friends you haven’t spoke to for years?

There are multiple social media groups and communities which enjoy the same things you do. So why not join them and chat to people online? Of course, please do this safely, remember you never really know who you’re speaking to online!

It is important to tackle loneliness, especially during isolation, as loneliness can lead to unhappiness, decrease mental well-being, and even depression. Have any family or friends who you know live alone? Make sure to check up on them. Staying connected to each other from afar is crucial in times like these, so follow these steps to ensure you can tackle loneliness and keep entertained during isolation.


15 thoughts on “5 tips to tackle loneliness during isolation

  1. I’ve been trying really hard to keep busy because it does get lonely, there’s no avoiding it unfortunately but making the best of it with phonecalls. Checking in on my family and knowing they are safe makes me feel so much better. Stay safe!

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  2. I’ve been trying to keep myself productive and entertained through my blog! and thankfully this quarantine has helped me spend time with my family members who I’ve not seen in such a long time and doing activities we’ve never done before. Thanks for the tips! I wish you well. xx

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  3. One good thing (if that’s not going to sound too flippant) is how many old friends and family I’ve reconnected with, albeit virtually. Over the years you do lose touch and now is the perfect time to rekindle those relationships. Great tips, thank you for sharing x

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  4. There’s no doubt that we’ve all found ourselves in a very strange situation, your tips are great and we’ll be using them in our home for sure. More baking and playing group games together, and it’s reminded me to keep in contact with those who don’t have the company that I do. Thank you for the great tips!

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