Are you ready to move in with your partner?

So, you’re super excited to move in with your partner, it’s about time you take the next step, right? But wait, there is that tiny, nagging voice in the back of your mind saying ‘Am I really ready for this?’

Don’t worry, this is totally normal, it pays to be practical, as they say.

Last year I moved in with my boyfriend who I’d been with for nearly 4 years at that time and its been awesome, but there are some things you should definitely keep in mind before taking the next step of moving in with your partner.

By no means am I an expert on this, but I can certainly pass on some well needed tips on things you should be prepared for and questions you should ask yourself before moving in with your partner.

Here are 5 things you should think about when moving in with your partner:

How long have you been together?

If you’re only been with your partner for a few months and are thinking of moving in together, I’d think again.

I know, I know, you’re all loved up, they’re the best thing that’s ever happened to you, I get that. That’s awesome! But, you’re still in the ‘honeymoon stage’ and you’ve probably not even had a big argument or hit your first hardship relationships can bring yet, and it will happen.

The question is, do you really know them after a few months?

The answer is, no.

Now, before anyone shouts at me saying “we were together for 3 months when we moved in together and now we’re happily married with two kids.” I’m not saying it won’t work out if you do move in with someone after a couple of loved up months, but a lot of people won’t be so lucky.

So why risk it?

I’d leave it for at least a year before you take the step of moving in together, this way you have time to make sure you know your partners living habits, both good and bad, so that you aren’t suddenly thrown when your partner isn’t putting the toilet seat down or has a habit of leaving the fridge open. You’ll be surprised that some things like these can piss you off or even be a deal breaker for some.

After a year or so, you’ll have probably established all of your partner’s habits and figured out whether they’re actually the one for you, so it will be safer to commit to a long term tenancy deal.

If you have been together for over a year and everything is still going great, then awesome! Moving in with your partner definitely sounds like a good idea.

Can you spend long periods of time together?

This may sound obvious, but when you move in with your partner you’ll be spending EVERY DAY with them; the only regular time apart you’ll have is if either of you leave the house for work of some kind.

Even the most loved up, soppy couples may struggle with spending time with each other every day, so don’t worry, but definitely test the waters before committing to an every day deal.

As long as you’re able to be independent and give each other space every so often, by seeing friends or family, or even just sitting in different rooms and doing your own thing, you’ll be fine with moving in with your partner.

Can you afford it?

One of the pros of living with someone else is that bills are cut in half, but could you afford it alone? If something was to go wrong, and your partner could no longer afford their cut of the bills or they move out, will you be able to cover the cost?

If you’ve never lived alone before, for example, you’ve been living with your parents, you’ll be surprised how much money it really costs to live on your own. Plus, you’ll need money for a rainy day, for example if your car breaks down or your washing machine starts leaking.

It all adds up, so make sure you have the pay cheque or savings to afford it all.

If you do, rent first

There will be some people who’ll say renting a place is just money down the drain, but if you start off renting somewhere first, and it doesn’t work out, you aren’t stuck with a mortgage to pay off, and you can just pay for the few months left of your renting contract.

This way, you can make sure you’re able to ‘test’ if moving in with each other will work before committing to a place you can call your own.

The hard truth, are you actually ready?

If you’re reading this and thinking “check, check, check”, but are still questioning moving in with your partner, maybe you’re just not actually ready to do so, which is absolutely fine.

Moving in with your partner is a big step, and is a decision you shouldn’t take lightly, so you need to be 100% sure before you sign your name on a tenancy agreement which will probably last for at least a year.

Don’t be pressured into making a decision, and remember if you’re not happy, you’re not happy, and thats okay! So good luck, and happy moving! 🙂


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