New hobbies I’ve started during isolation

Now that the world is currently in lockdown over the COVID-19 crisis, you need to keep yourself entertained at home so that you don’t go completely insane.

Been as I became ill with COVID-19 symptoms, I had to self-isolate a week or so before the UK officially went on lockdown, so I’ve been stuck indoors for a LONG time, and it started to get rather tedious.

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So, when the Netflix binge watching starts to get a little dry and motivation is low, you need to figure out some new activities and hobbies to keep you going.

So here are my new activities and hobbies I started during isolation:

Learning Spanish

I’ve started learning Spanish with the Duolingo app, which I highly recommend, for a few reasons really. One of them is that I work as a Teaching Assistant, and the students there learn Spanish and I have absolutely new clue how to support students when I can’t answer their questions. I just look helplessly at their Spanish teacher like, “erm hola?” So now that I have more time on my hands during isolation, I thought, “why the hell not?”

Another reason I started learning Spanish is that my partner and I decided we wanted to try a new hobby together, so learning Spanish came to mind! Plus, who doesn’t love a holiday in Spain? (When planes actually start leaving the country again, damn you COVID-19!)


I’m not very good at cooking or baking really. I really should be better since I moved out at 18 to go to university and never looked back, but I’m a sucker for sticking something in the oven and putting a timer on. So, I thought I’d be a little creative and do some baking. Now, I must admit, presentation is probably my weakest area, but I swear they taste awesome! Here are some Salted-Caramel cupcakes I made!

Reading books

Okay don’t judge me, but i’m a sucker for a cheesy, supernatural, bad boy romance! I know, I know, the plot can be predictable and cliche, BUT sometimes you can find a book series that just BLOWS YOUR MIND! Plus, who doesn’t want an easy read every so often?

This isn’t TECHNICALLY a new hobby as such, I’ve always loved to read, but since I’ve been working full time, I’ve lost the time to really sit down and read a lot of books like I used too. So, let’s see how many books I can get through before we all go back to work again, shall we?

Playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Oh my good god, I love this game. I’ve played all the games in the Animal Crossing saga, and I have adored them all. I bought a Nintendo Switch Lite just so I can play the new game, and let me tell you it was worth every penny!


This is the biggest hobby I’ve taken on. I used to blog years ago but when my 2nd year of university become very tough, I just didn’t have time to write anything. I’ve always wanted to get back into it and the lockdown has given me ample time to start up again!

It’s great fun, and the community of bloggers and writers are so lovely! Everyone is so welcoming and willing to help one another, so I love it!

So there you have it, these are the new hobbies I’ve taken on during isolation. Let me know of any new hobbies you’ve taken on during lockdown, I’d love to try some more things to keep me entertained!


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