How to talk to your child about their mental health

Do you have some concerns about your child’s mental health? Have they become more isolated than usual or their grades are slipping at school? You’re understandably worried and want to help your child. As a parent you feel responsible for your child’s happiness and well-being. But, how do you get your child to open upContinue reading “How to talk to your child about their mental health”


5 tips to tackle loneliness during isolation

Now that the whole world is currently battling the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re understandably being told to stay in isolation and work from home. This means that you may feel very lonely as you’re not partaking in any of your usual social activities. Not being socialable with work colleagues, friends, and family can allow loneliness toContinue reading “5 tips to tackle loneliness during isolation”

5 tips to improve your mental well-being whilst working from home

We are currently living in strange times because of the COVID-19 crisis, and being told to work from home and stay in isolation can be tough, especially where your mental health and well-being is concerned. So how do you keep a postive mental well-being whilst working from home? Here are 5 steps that should helpContinue reading “5 tips to improve your mental well-being whilst working from home”